TAMMERMATICis a global, high-tech company that manufactures vehicle wash systems for cars, heavy transport vehicles, buses, rail fleets, as well as a variety of other special equipment. 

TAMMERMATIC was founded in Tampere, Finland in 1966 and is known as one of the leading and most innovative car wash pioneers in the world. Tammermatic has a global team of wash experts. As a result, Tammermatic offers its customers the best and most comprehensive wash services in the world.

Tammermatic Group has almost fifty years of experience in the designing and producing heavy duty washing systems. The best-selling and highest-quality product certainly is Tammermatic's portal for truck, bus and big machinery washing.

Tammermatic portals are made out of massive materials such as galvanized iron and stainless steel. The portals offer a large number of possibilities to investors. Apart from brush washing, TAMMERMATIC has developed one of the most innovative systems in the work of high-pressure carwashes on portals.

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High-quality workmanship and high-quality components guarantee durability and low-maintenance, even in machinery that is constantly working on maximal settings.

TAMMERMATIC truck and bus portals are not only an excellent choice for leading transportation and travel companies with large fleets, but also for investors with top locations on which they plan to offer washing services for a large number of trucks and busses.


The new Rainbow Ultima Fleet Washer presents state-of-the-art technology for the large vehicle cleaning industry and fulfills a variety of needs by different application possibilities. The top models combine advanced brushless and brush wash methods and clean all kinds of vehicles, from cars to complex shaped tractors and trailers.

  • Prewash– the first step in Rainbow Ultima wash is the application of the powerful chemical agent;
  • High pressure – one of the few truck portals which comes with high-pressure water jets in the standard offer. It is possible to choose the size of water jets – from standard flat jets to solid stream pattern techniques. This way, it can clean parts of the truck that are usually hard to reach.;
  • A huge number of high-pressure water jets that can move in different directions, making sure that the vehicle is 100% clean.

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Welcome to the clean world of Tammermatic!

Why choose us?

Our motto is "Business is all about vision" and we try to offer our clients high-quality and durable products so they, too, can fulfill their vision and start a profitable business. We offer full-service management: from designing and planning a new car wash, follow-ups and performance consulting, to montage and workshops for owners and employees. We also offer maintenance and servicing of existing car washes, supplying the owners with all the spare parts and cleaning agents that are needed in doing business.

Every job needs to be done in the best possible way. By approaching every client individually, we always make sure that every project is completed well in regard to quality.



High-quality and durable products for long-term management.