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Self-serving systems from Polish manufacturer BKF satisfy the highest quality standards and ensure top washing services, no matter the weather.

Kroma offers a full-service business: from new car wash construction design to montage, maintenance and servicing. We also offer a broad spectrum of spare parts and professional cleaning agents. All spare parts are available on the market, which keeps the maintenance costs very low. Modular wash stands are designed for sites with low to medium wash intensity, such as small and medium-sized towns, districts, locations at local shops. A self-service modular car wash stand can also be built to complement an offer of a petrol stations, vehicle inspection stations, vulcanization stations, gas stations and manual car wash stations, etc.

Unique washing technology

BKF washing technology was developed according to the newest technology there is. Stainless steel ensures longevity and the highest sustainability. The technology enables simple and fast customers experience with constant improving in this segment.

Modern soundproof enclosure

  • Polyurethane foam 5 mm thick
  • Module frame – stainless steel insulated with polyurethane foam 5 mm thick
  • Stainless steel faces
  • Stainless steel roof, painted 3020 (colour); optionally, it is possible to paint a different colour from the RAL colour chart
Jednostavnost. Učinkovistst. Čistoća
Jednostavnost. Učinkovistst. Čistoća

Double-function ACV-boiler

  • Unique double-circulation “boiler in boiler” system
  • Gas or oil heating
  • 2-layer stainless steel chimney stack
  • selecting an appropriate boiler depending on the number of stations according to the “media demand” table

Control panel

  • Hanging type as an alternative to a standing panel
  • Electronic coin insertion slot system for PLN 1 / PLN 2 / PLN 5 / token 2 / token 5 – self-learning (smooth transfer to EUR small change)
  • Electronic four-section display of time units. Option of displaying minutes, seconds or an appropriate currency
  • Vandal-proof piezoelectrical press button without moveable parts
  • Programmable LED rings around press buttons
  • Stainless steel cash boxes
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Wash programmes

BKF self-service car washes are the only on the market with 5 standard programs that participate in the price: programs 1-5, and offer the option of additional programs: program 0 - washing the rims, brush upgrades with another program and active foam program.

Rim spray

Application of a detergent onto rims, which helps remove deposit and coating from brake shoes, softened water under low pressure.

Option 00

Turbo spraying

Spraying a chemical agent using softened water, preparation for the self-serve car washing (softening heavy dirt).

Program 01

Pressure washing

90 bar pressure, water filtered from mechanical contamination – softened, chemical agents – powder with a pH neutral to the varnish, dosed out during the process (the surfactants technology), high temperature – supporting the dissolution of greasy tarnishes.

Program 02

Washing off

The remnants of dirt and chemical agents after self-serve washing are washed off with water from the network of a 90 bar working pressure.

Program 03

Polymer maintenance

Filtered water, – softened with the most advanced polymer, which covers the clean varnish with a thin, hard layer. Thanks to high temperature, it adhers to the varnish and provides lasting protection.

Program 04


Washing the car body with softened water, without minerals (demineralized water) along with a drying and polishing agent which helps achieve that stainless look. This program is the accomplishment of previous programs, it allows to eliminate the need for wiping or drying the vehicle.

Program 05

Active foam

Programmes 1 or 6 can be replaced with the programme Active foam. This programme can be used before high-pressure washing. Active foam is being used with additional nozzle – adjustable foam fun, floor nozzle holder and button for programme selection. Active foam improves the washing quality by keeping chemical agents longer on the car surfaces. Its fantastical visual effect will attrack and interest many customers.

Option 06

BKF CarWash additional equipment

Easy carwash modulation towards customers and investors needs and wishes has been made possible with BKF CarWash additional equipment. Pick the additional equipment and ensure uniqueness of your BKF CarWash. You can choose between singular and package options. Package options are: Premium Poland (levels of chemical agents, Extra Lifetime Kit, Water Care Kit, additional warm-up of high-pressure tubes), Multi Cash System (money-to-safe collection, big money box, BKF Loyalty Card, exchange office) and Best Water (system for iron extraction, Water Care Kit, Water Suction Kit, Easy Recovery Kit).

Detergent Level Check

System measuring the level of liquid detergents and powder based on ultrasonic level sensors Pepperl&Fuchs enables remote check of their state through the Internet. Precise measurement of the level of detergents and possibility of establishing minimum emergency states provides maintenance of wash quality at the highest level.

Visit to the wash for the purpose of re-filling detergents takes place only when necessary.
Advantages: independent sensors servicing the system, alarm at low detergent level, mobile detergent containers made of stainless steel with the capacity of 55l

Water Backup Kit

Water backup kit protecting wash operation against feeding water pressure drop and lacks in water supply. Specially adjusted container consists of buffer tank system of total capacity of 4000 l. If there is a lack of water supply, water backup kit provides water for approximately 40 additional washes.

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Big Cash Box

Two independent banknote readers along with a cash box twice a size of a regular one for small change reduce the need of frequent visits to the wash.

Hot Wires

System of securing high-pressure wires against frost by means of intelligent heating wire system.

Hot Circulation

Circulation installation with hot water access system.

Pressure Safety Check

High-pressure sensor system enables early detection of any irregularities within the operation of high-pressure pumps.

Jednostavnost. Učinkovistst. Čistoća
Jednostavnost. Učinkovistst. Čistoća

Extra Lifetime Kit

System based on intelligent B&R inverters, high-pressure sensors and special BKF application. By means of smooth regulation of motor rotational speed, hydraulic system is protected against pressure jumps.

Function of early warning about changing a value of high pressure at the outlet of the pump enables the investor to prevent disabling the station. Electricity and water consumption efficiency.

Safe Money Collection

Money collection system based on BKF software and high-quality industrial printer guarantees safe use by money collection companies.
Advantages: list of turnover for each station with division into keys, coins, banknotes; possibility of printing backward report.

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Anti-vandal system

Anti-vandal system based on reed relays installed on the module door, alarm sound signal and CarwashFirmware.

BKF Loyalty kartica

BKF Loyalty sustav sa čitačima BKF loyalty kartica / cijena po mjestu za pranje.

BKF Changer

Changer equipped with: reader of banknotes, 2 x universal hopper with superstructure, with free-standing base (option + many other configuration options: key charging system, key distribution system, printer, modem, etc.)

  • Basic versio AUTOCOIN
  • Advances version ADVANCE

BKF Note

Reader of banknotes / cost per 1 wash station.

Brush PRO

Washing brush / cost per 1 wash station.

Usage of water from circulation well on the rinsing programme

Smart Antifreeze System

Package intergrating Hot Circulation with Hot Wires

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Additional systems of BKF car washes

Dimensions • Static width: 5 m

• Depth: 6.52 m

• Height: 4.29 m

• Max. utility height: 3.50 m
• Static width: 5 m

• Depth: 6.52 m

• Height: 4.29 m

• Max. utility height: 3.50 m
• Static width: 5 m

• Depth: 6.52 m

• Height: 4.29 m

•Max. utility height: 3.50 m
Technical description • Zinc-plated cell made of full profiles with screws and bolts

• Statistical calculations for 2nd snow zone

• Flat, trapezoidal, steel roof, hot-galvanised, powder-coated, white colour, with inclination of 1.5%

• Plastic drainpipes (without discharge to sewage)

• Galvanised and powder-coated aluminium convex attic within the entire circumference of the structure (height): 90 cm.

• 3D LED letters, color, font and height by choice.
• attic with 3d logo

• Built-in external pillars

• 3D letters

• Neon lights all over car wash
• Futuristic shape increasing attractiveness of the wash

• Polycarbonate roof
Banneri • 8 pieces of partition walls with a manufacturer’s logo on 2 sides

• 8 pieces of partition walls with a user’s manual on both sides
• 8 pieces of partition walls with a manufacturer’s logo on 2 sides

•8 pieces of partition walls with a user’s manual on both sides
• 8 pieces of partition walls with a manufacturer’s logo on 2 sides

• 8 pieces of partition walls with a user’s manual on both sides
Lighting of wash stations • Permanent lighting (activated automatically after dusk) 2 fluorescent lamps per station + 2 on the verge

• Changeable lighting (after inserting a coin) 4 fluorescent lamps per stationi
• Permanent lighting (activated automatically after dusk) 2 fluorescent lamps per station + 2 on the verge

• Changeable lighting (after inserting a coin) 4 fluorescent lamps per station
•Permanent lighting (activated automatically after dusk) 2 fluorescent lamps per station + 2 on the verge

• Changeable lighting (after inserting a coin) 4 fluorescent lamps per station
  • B&R Automation industrial computer with Intel processor
  • Author’s software BKF Wash.
  • Controlling through LCD touch screen 5.7”.
  • Displaying information on man-hours
  • Possibility of connecting PC
  • Possibility of updating the software
  • Numerous access levels protected with a password
  • Light control by means of electronic dusk sensor
  • Electrical accessories manufactured by B&R and Eaton
  • Extra power outlet AC 230 V, installed in a control box for servicing purposes
  • Serial communication system with control desktops
Displaying the number of the inserted:
  • coins divided into denomination
  • tokens divided into denomination
  • impulses from non-cash systems

precise dosing system for detergents, which operates by means of dosing pumps, doses a detergent based on the amount of the water pumped.

Micro-powder dosing system:
  • Stainless steel powder container
  • Stainless steel dosing endless screw
  • Stainless steel container for mixing hot water with powder with ballcocks
  • Outsurge protecting against overflowing
  • Possibility of setting dosing by means of CP also through the Internet

High-pressure system
  • High-pressure BKF CAT 340 D pumps
  • Double-gear motors, enabling system operation on low and high pressure
  • High pressure regulator protecting the high pressure system

External anti-frost system
  • Anti-frost water tank
  • Water circulation activated by an external electronic thermostat
  • Anti-frost pump feeding the circulation
  • Mesh filter at the inlet of the circulation
  • Mechanical ballcock for automatic water level control in the anti-frost tank
  • Filter 10” intercepting impurities on circulation
  • Pressure sensor preventing jamming of the pump, reporting errors to the supervision system through the Internet

Emergency anti-frost system
  • Emergency anti-frost system is activated with lack of voltage.
  • Bürkert solenoid valve when opening, allows water supplied from the network to flow freely through the entire wash water system to the anti-frost tank.
  • In the event of long-term loss of current, excess of water is discharged through the overflow from anti-frost tank to the sewage well.

Water supply system
  • Water filter at the inlet with controlling manometer
  • Working pressure reducer
  • Pressure sensor preventing jamming of the pump, reporting errors to the supervision system through the Internet

High-pressure equipment of the wash station
  • 4.3 m high pressure hose with better resistance
  • High-pressure gun with anti-frost valve cooperating with external anti-frost system
  • Permanent Weep system increasing resistance to frost
  • Portable stainless steel wash pipe 450 mm with a thermally insulated handle
  • Ceramic jet 65 degrees with a shield with the manufacturer’s logo
  • Rotational extension arm

Water softening system
  • Double-chamber water softener controlled by Fleck valves and regeneration checking controlled by volume, operating in a shuttle system (continuous softened water supply)
  • Salt tank with adjustable suction at the inlet
  • Independent valve checking filling of the salt tank with lack of water pressure from the network
  • Mechanical measurement of the amount of the water produced, not sensitive to interferences caused by periodical blackouts

Reverse osmosis system
  • De-mineralised water tank with ballcock checking
  • Optical information system including the following indices: work, permeate quality, interferences signallisation (too low pressure of feeding water) and determination of upper and lower de-salted water level in the filtration tank, integrated with CP (control system).
  • Automatic rinsing on low pressure and changing into the state of readiness for work.
  • 3 manometers checking pressure at the inlet of the pump and pressure in the membrane of the osmosis system.
  • Cylinders indicating the flow of concentrate and filtration (de-mineralised water).
  • Counter of work hours integrated with CP
  • Water filter at the inflow with permeability of 5 μm.
  • Self-suction rotational pump with capacity of max 1080 l/h, 14 bar.
  • Polyamide / polysulfone high-performance membranes, wound spirally, glass fibre pressure pipe.
  • If there is no osmotic water, automatic switching to softened water is activated.
Model number of stati water pressure water water sewage max sewage for 20% of occupancy current current current boiler (type)
Technique Technological container Technological container + soc.
[Bar] [l/min] [m3/h] [m3/h] [m3/24h] [KW] [KW] [KW]
CW 1 MW 1 4-6 20,9 1,3 1,3 6,0 30 E – TECH S 160
CW 2 M 2 4 – 6 36,3 2,2 2,2 10,5 13,8 DL55 / HM35
CW 2 T/K 2 4 – 6 36,3 2,2 2,2 10,5 9,8 13,8 17,2 DL55 / HM35
CW 3 M 3 4 – 6 51,7 3,1 3,1 14,9 17,3 HM60 / HM35
CW 3 T/K 3 4 – 6 51,7 3,1 3,1 14,9 13,3 17,3 20,7 HM60 / HM35
CW 2+2 M 4 4 – 6 72,6 4,4 4,4 20,9 2 x 13,3 2 x (DL55 / HM35)
CW 4 T/K 4 4 – 6 72,6 4,4 4,4 20,9 18,3 22,3 25,7 HM100 / HM85
CW 2+3 M 5 4 – 6 88 5,3 5,3 25,3 13,8 + 17,3 DL25 / HM60 lub 2 x HM35
CW 5 T/K 5 4 – 6 88 5,3 5,3 25,3 21,8 25,8 29,2 HM100 / HM85
CW 3+3 M 6 4 – 6 103,4 6,2 6,2 29,8 2 x 17,3 2 x HM60 lub 2 x HM35
CW 6 T/K 6 4 – 6 103,4 6,2 6,2 29,8 25,3 29,3 32,7 HM100 / HM85
CW 7 T/K 7 4 – 6 118,8 7,1 7,1 34,2 30 34 37,5 HM200/HM201
CW 8 T/K 8 4 – 6 134,2 8,1 8,1 38,6 33 37 40,5 HM200/HM201
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High-quality and durable products for long-term management.