30. ožujka 2020.

Installation of HELLO CARWASH Rotterdam

Installation of HELLO CARWASH Rotterdam KROMA d.o.o. In cooperation with DICO Netherlands and DICO GmbH have installed one of the largest car wash centers in our […]
28. kolovoza 2017.

Installation of the tunnel carwash – Duisburg

The escape from the heat KROMA team has found in Duisburg, Deutchland. At comfortable temperatures, we are installing a 29-meter long carwash tunnel that is already […]
23. svibnja 2017.

Installation of the tunnel carwash – Grafing bei Munchen

Kroma service team did one more job, and a new reference is added to the long list of successful projects. It is about  tunnel carwash in […]
25. travnja 2017.

MAX Petrol – new reference in Serbia

Kroma d.o.o. has completed another successful project! It is a BKF self-service car wash in Koceljeva, Republic of Serbia. Two-stage washing equipment is located in technical […]
20. ožujka 2017.

New construction Futuro design

Masivna konstrukcija modernog dizajna koja plijeni poglede svojom originalnošću. Širina prostora za pranje omogućuje ugodno korištenje usluge pranja korisnicima, a kombinacija materijala sa LED rasvjetom i pregradnim stijenama koje možete sami dizajnirati jamči savršeni vizualni dojam.
20. ožujka 2017.

Modernization of self-car wash in car wash center Kroma Gospić – BKF Modular 3

Kao generalni zastupnik BKF tehnologije za samoposlužno pranje za jugoistočnu Europu ponosno predstavljamo prvi BKF samoposlužni stroj za pranje vozila...
20. ožujka 2017.

KROMA self-service car wash Zaprešić

Recording team from Jabuka TV visited us on our car wash in Zaprešić. Recorded scenes show our newly renovated self-service KROMA car wash. We offer high […]
20. ožujka 2017.

Gathering of Kroma employees

Realizing the significance and importance of human resources, and above all, good interpersonal relationships, company Kroma once again shown care about its employees. Successful business year […]

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