Ceccato SpA is one of the leading Italian manufacturers in the field of washing systems and equipment for all vehicles, from cars to trains. It is present in over 60 countries where it installs conveyor tunnels, self-service systems and train washing units.

A widespread network offers customers full support, from the project to the system definition, from installation to after-sales support, with the highest standards of quality and excellent turnaround times.

Design plays a central role in the strategic vision. Ergonomics, environmental and economic sustainability, technology and aesthetics are the core principles behind investments to meet the request for modularity, hygiene, performance and energy savings of an increasingly global and consequently more demanding company.

Kroma d.o.o., together with its daughter companies in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina is an authorised dealer of Ceccato equipment.

Jednostavnost. Učinkovistst. Čistoća


  • up to 15 vehicles/hour
  • Simplicity, reliability, sturdiness and speed. The cornerstone of the Ceccato range.
  • Aries is the Ceccato rollover unit that combines three important features for this line of work: configuration flexibility, ease of use and maintenance, cost-efficient operation.


  • up to 12 vehicles/hour
  • The Tech range entry level model designed for high quality. In self-service units as well.
  • The simplicity of installation and utilization with great performances, make Phoenix Tech 2.0 an extremely productive unit.

Jednostavnost. Učinkovistst. Čistoća
Jednostavnost. Učinkovistst. Čistoća


  • up to 13 vehicles/hour
  • High performance, elegance and sturdiness. Customisable in hundreds of combinations. Vast range of colours and accessories.
  • Simple to install and operate, excellent performance, attractive price-quality ratio, flexible in management, extremely productive, Hydrus Tech 2.0 best summarizes the Ceccato experience.
  • Hydrus Tech 2.0 is also available painted matte black, frontal doors wrapped carbon look and a historical red sticker Ceccato logo from the ’50s


  • up to 15 vehicles/hour
  • State of the art in the car wash world. Speed, precision, accuracy, fluid movement. The vehicle is scanned to allow any shape to be washed in complete safety.
  • A product with multiple technical and design combinations with an integrated system for vehicle scanning for high-precision washing.
  • Also available in the matt black version with carbon fibre coated doors.

Jednostavnost. Učinkovistst. Čistoća
Jednostavnost. Učinkovistst. Čistoća


  • up to 20 vehicles/hour
  • The fastest dual gantry on the market. The updated patent of the historic Tandem model combines speed and a top-class washing performance.
  • Hyperion Tech with twofold productivity: while one gantry washes, the other dries. The lay-out of the two programmable gantries allows for quick and flexible washing and drying management, significantly reducing overall operation times.


  • up to 30 vehicles/hour
  • The productivity of a conveyor tunnel in the space of a gantry.
  • The ultra-compact solution, ideal for small spaces (just over 9-metre structure in the minimum configuration) with excellent productivity: complete, reliable and innovative.

Jednostavnost. Učinkovistst. Čistoća
Jednostavnost. Učinkovistst. Čistoća


  • up to 90 vehicles/hour
  • Combining high performance and number of cars/hour. If you require high throughput.
  • Solid, durable structure, software flexibility and modularity. low energy consumption, very low operating and maintenance costs make Hercules the most productive conveyor tunnel in the Ceccato range


  • up to 6 vehicles/hour
  • A sturdy, efficient and professional commercial vehicle washing system which guarantees the best washing performance for all existing vehicle bodies.
  • The ideal solution for washing commercial vehicles, public and private transport vehicles, military vehicles and special vehicles in general.

Jednostavnost. Učinkovistst. Čistoća
Jednostavnost. Učinkovistst. Čistoća


  • up to 60 vehicles/hour
  • The quality of Baltic and the speed of a conveyor tunnel. Drive-through system for large fleets
  • Ideal system for managing fleets of buses and trucks, for flexibility and operational speed with minimum management costs

Why choose us?

Our motto is "Business is all about vision" and we try to offer our clients high-quality and durable products so they, too, can fulfill their vision and start a profitable business. We offer full-service management: from designing and planning a new car wash, follow-ups and performance consulting, to montage and workshops for owners and employees. We also offer maintenance and servicing of existing car washes, supplying the owners with all the spare parts and cleaning agents that are needed in doing business.

Every job needs to be done in the best possible way. By approaching every client individually, we always make sure that every project is completed well in regard to quality.



High-quality and durable products for long-term management.