BITIMEC is an Italian company specialized in manufacturing equipment and washing machines for trucks and buses. BITIMEC distributes its products to more than 30 countries around the world.

BITIMEC offers a variety of autonomous washing machines with electric drives (24V battery), diesel or petrol motors and hybrid propulsion (combination of diesel motor and 24V battery). BITIMEC brushes are operated by one person.

Jednostavnost. Učinkovistst. Čistoća


Top-selling model of BITIMEC bus and truck washing machines:

  • Washes up to 30 buses or trucks on just one charge;
  • 100% battery operated;
  • Emission-free for indoor or outdoor operation;
  • Autonomous: carries its own water, detergent, and power for completely untethered operation;
  • 420 L water tank;
  • Two controls for safe two-directional operation, with unobstructed views and double productivity;
  • Stainless steel frame with a lifetime warranty;
  • Can reach up to 410 cm;
  • 100 revolutions per minute;
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Why choose us?

Our motto is "Business is all about vision" and we try to offer our clients high-quality and durable products so they, too, can fulfill their vision and start a profitable business. We offer full-service management: from designing and planning a new car wash, follow-ups and performance consulting, to montage and workshops for owners and employees. We also offer maintenance and servicing of existing car washes, supplying the owners with all the spare parts and cleaning agents that are needed in doing business.

Every job needs to be done in the best possible way. By approaching every client individually, we always make sure that every project is completed well in regard to quality.



High-quality and durable products for long-term management.