High quality, reliability, low breakdown rates, the most advanced software for self-service car washing and modern construction design. These features, combined with five standard washing programmes, offer the utmost value in the market.

Our website allows you to easily design your car wash. Visualize your business plan simply.

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Design your Car Wash

Adequate and regular maintenance and servicing washing systems affect equipment longevity. Contact us for all services regarding montage and servicing.

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Montage and service


Kroma d.o.o. has been active since 2008 and counts more than 20 employees. We specialize in supplying, embedding and maintaining equipment for all kinds of car washes by renowned companies such as BKF, Bitimec, Kränzle and Tammermatic.

Our daughter companies in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina cooperate with our headquarters in distributing accompanying equipment and professional washing agents for all car wash systems. We can deliver our products, services and montage to Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Slovenia, Germany, Belgium and Switzerland.

Jednostavnost. Učinkovistst. Čistoća


High-quality and durable products for long-term management.

Why choose us?

Our motto is "Business is all about vision" and we try to offer our clients high-quality and durable products so they, too, can fulfill their vision and start a profitable business. We offer full-service management: from designing and planning a new car wash, follow-ups and performance consulting, to montage and workshops for owners and employees. We also offer maintenance and servicing of existing car washes, supplying the owners with all the spare parts and cleaning agents that are needed in doing business.

Every job needs to be done in the best possible way. By approaching every client individually, we always make sure that every project is completed well in regard to quality.

  • 11+ years of experience
  • Very professional
  • Individual approach
  • Full service
  • Over 100 finished projects

You have a vision, but don't know where to start?

Contact us and let's start a new business adventure together.

  • I have been cooperating with Kroma for quite some time because they have always been the utmost reliable partner and their equipment is of the highest possible quality!



  • Low prices achieve only short-term customer satisfaction. Fair prices for high-quality products enable long-term satisfaction!

    Marijan Krmpotić

    Owner, Kroma d.o.o.

  • In our vision, every customer belongs to our domain; every customer and their needs open possibilities for success. This vision drives our passion and motivates us to secure the best solutions, so that we can satisfy the customer's needs. We are a company dedicated to gaining loyal customers. In every project and with every contact we're trying to demonstrate our loyalty to the customers… to each customer separately!

    Tihana Labavić

    Operation manager, Kroma d.o.o.

  • Kroma d.o.o. offers full-service solutions to investors in the car washing industry. We offer a variety of services: from the smallest high-pressure washing machines, washing agents and spare parts, to the biggest projects such as car washes and automatic washing portals, as well as montage and service options. We are unique on the Croatian market. Our satisfied customers, which we call friends, speak the best of us!

    Luka Krmpotić

    Sales manager, Kroma d.o.o.

  • A satisfied investor is our mission. Our high-quality, low-maintenance equipment is key in helping us complete this mission. A content end user is our utmost goal. Their happiness depends on the quality of washing services that our equipment offers.

    Nikola Brkljačić

    Maintenance manager, Kroma d.o.o

Our projects

Our projects include self-service car washes, portal and tunnel car washes, truck portals, different constructions and industrial halls. Apart from offering montage services for new and used plants, we are servicing and maintaining different car washes. Our employees have the highest knowledge of the car-wash business.

We offer chemical agents for all sorts of self-service, automatic and manual car washes. Thus, we can truly say that we are a company that offers complete service and support.

  • A BKF self-service car wash with 3 washing points was delivered and installed within the Peugeot Auto Center Radosavljevic in Sremska Mitrovica. 3 washing points, 4 vacuum cleaners, bill readers, loyalty cards and an active foam program at all washing points!
  • BKF CarWash with four car-washing places and additional four vacuum places is situated in Zlatar. Five standard programmes plus brushes at every car wash is what makes the real difference. This location also offers the possibility of washing big trucks with the help of open wash spaces with two movable carriers. This is what makes it possible to wash the complete vehicle no matter its size.
  • BKF CarWash has three places for washing and two places with a DUO vacuum cleaner. The car wash fits in nicely with newly built gas station at the very entrance to the city of Zadar. The standard five programmes with the addition of brushes are available to ensure even the most persistent dirt is removed.
  • The first BKF CarWash in Kosovo. Self-service car wash with three spaces for washing, five standard programmes and LCD displays of the newest generation brings the most quality service there is. In combination with three car washing spots and a caffe bar, this serious car wash centre delivers great results from the first day.